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Adult Services Featured Programs

"Strengthening Pontiac Through Literacy Partnerships"

Friday Movies at the Library

Come watch a movie at the library on a Friday afternoon!

Movie Night

Fridays, 2:30-5pm, Auditorium:

  • 01/26: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  • 02/23: Whose Streets?
  • 03/23: Hidden Figures
  • 04/20: Rashomon

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Writing Yourself out of Your Block: Workshop and Book Signing with Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Hubbard
Beautiful by Sylvia Hubbard

Saturday, 01/27, 2-5pm, Auditorium: Award winning best-selling author Sylvia Hubbard will present a workshop with title "Writing yourself out of your block". After the completion of the workshop, Ms. Hubbard will make available signed copies of her latest book: “Beautiful”. You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book.

Workshop description: Participants will get help with "How to start when you can't", "How to keep going when you don't feel like it", and "How to finish the story when it feels like nothing is left". Sylvia Hubbard will give tips and tricks to keep the motivation starting and going and answer those deep questions like, "Am I writing this right"?

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Heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness Meditation
Heartfulness Meditation

Tuesdays, 01/30, 02/06, 02/13, 02/20, 02/27, 03/06, 6-7:30pm, Auditorium: The Heartfulness Meditation Program offers a simple set of relaxation and meditation exercises, which when practiced daily, help restore balance in life, manage stress, better your health, and most of all will lead you to inner calm and peace. The relaxation and meditation techniques are taught over free courses: Each class covers both the conceptual framework as well as practical meditation and relaxation sessions (classes last for 1.5 hours). As classes progress, we add other techniques to help you go into a deep meditative state, faster. Ideally, all participants may register for all six sessions. Participants will be meditating in chairs. Those wishing to meditate while sitting on the floor may bring their own floor cushions. The entire program will be conducted by certified Heartfulness trainers, who have been meditating and training for several years.

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Traveling Comedy at the Library: "Comedy at the Crib"

National Theatrical Productions

Saturday, 02/10, 3-4:30pm, Auditorium: Our library is celebrating the Black History Month with a theatrical performance! National Theatrical Productions Presents: Marline Massasoit and Characters of Black History. Come and see the important characters in black history. There will be poetry, comedy, history, and a one woman show of many characters.

Theater Curtains

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X: A Novel, Great Michigan Read Book Discussion

X: A Novel
Malcolm X

Saturday, 02/24, 3-5pm, Auditorium: Read the Great Michigan Read title for 2017/18 "X: A Novel" by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon and meet us at the library for our discussion group session.

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Adult Financial Series: Investment Plans for Life

Savings and Investment

Mondays, 03/12, 03/26 4pm-5:15pm, Auditorium: Jonathan H. Strong, Financial Advisor and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at UBS Financial Services, Inc., will present a series of investment educational seminars as a public service to local organizations including libraries, adult community programs, senior services centers, and school groups.

Monday, 03/12:

1. Basics of Investing – How to Develop a Successful Long-Term Investment Program:
How to develop a diversified investment program using a consistent approach. How to start a life-long investment program with as little as $100 per month. - Key investment programs discussed; IRA, Roth IRA, 401k Plan, 529 College Savings Plan, tax free investing, annuities, mutual funds, and stocks. - The discussion will include current investment sector opportunities as well as economic and market update. - Portfolio examples discussed with a question and answer period.

2. Income Investing in Tax Free Municipal Bonds –How to Create Tax-Free Income Over Your Lifetime:
How to earn tax free income using Michigan Tax Free Municipal Bonds and conservative income strategies. - Benefits of tax free investing for short or long term needs and for monthly income. - How to earn a higher level of tax free interest on cash now at your local bank. - Different types of conservative tax free investment strategies in an uncertain economy and stock market. - Bond examples include; Oakland University, Beaumont Hospital, Novi Public Schools, and others. - Portfolio examples provided with a question and answer period.

Monday, 03/26:

College Savings Plans – Start a Program for Your Children or Grandchildren:
Overview of college savings plans and programs to consider for your family member. How to begin a Michigan 529 college savings plan and receive a Michigan tax deduction for contributions. - Start a systematic monthly savings program to build funds to use for college costs, with tax free withdrawals for educational use. - Program examples provided with a question and answer period.

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Meet The Spoken Word/Poet Author: Alicea Davis

From Hatred To Healing: Eight Racial Reconciliation Poems

Saturday, 03/24, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come to our library to meet Spoken Word/Poet Author Alicea Davis presenting her book: “From Hatred To Healing: Eight Racial Reconciliation Poems”. You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book.

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Meet The Author: Ashlee Chesny

Brooke and Bre the Engineering Team
Ashlee Chesny

Saturday, 04/21, 2-3:30pm, Auditorium: Come to our library to meet author Ashlee Chesny presenting her book: “Brooke and Bre the Engineering Team”. You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book.

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Music of the West African Kora with Sean Gaskell

Sean Gaskell plays the Kora

Friday, 05/04, 4-5pm, Auditorium: Sean Gaskell will give a performance and educational demonstration on the Kora, an ancient 21-stringed harp from West Africa. He will feature traditional songs that are the heart and soul of the Kora's musical repertoire in addition to some of his own personal compositions.

About the Kora: The Kora is native to the Mande people who live within the countries of Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau. The music is traditionally played by oral and musical historians known as Griots (Gree-ohs). The Kora is a melodic and seemingly peaceful instrument, which is somewhat contrary to its musical repertoire. Many songs tell ancient stories of war and hardship, while others praise people of high political status and those who helped expand the Mande Empire. While the Kora is only 300 years old, some commonly played songs can be traced back 800 years to the Mande empires' founding. Gaskell has studied extensively under the instruction of Malamini Jobarteh and Moriba Kuyateh of Brikama, The Gambia, and Kane Mathis of Brooklyn, NY. Gaskell has been featured at numerous festivals in the US, Gambia, and Senegal.

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PHOTO/VIDEO USE - The Pontiac Public Library reserves the right, under federal, state and local law, to use photographs and video taken at library events for reproduction on the library's website or in other official library publications and displays, including but not limited to print or online, without consideration or compensation. The Library reserves the right to crop or treat the photographs/video at its discretion. Full names will not be used unless participants express their desire to be identified.

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