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"Strengthening Pontiac Through Literacy Partnerships"

Yaktown Yoga

Thursday, 12/19, Saturdays, 01/18, 02/15, 03/21, 04/18, 4-5pm, Auditorium: Whether you are trying yoga for the first time or are a regular practitioner, join Yaktown Yoga at the Pontiac Library for free classes this fall and winter.

12/19, 6:30-7:30pm: Yaktown Yoga Gentle Yoga: Need to relax, stretch, and re-center? Join Yaktown Yoga for a gentle yoga class that includes breath work, yoga postures and relaxation techniques to calm your mind and your body this holiday season. Invite a friend. Everybody is welcome. Dress in comfortable clothing. We are asking participants to bring yoga mats. A few mats will be available to use in the class. No experience is required, and the class is free.
01/18, 4-5pm: Yaktown Yoga Basic Yoga: This is a yoga class for everyone. This class introduces foundational yoga postures that will open, stretch, and restore your body. You will learn how to breathe and feel comfortable on your mat. It is suitable for all and wheelchair accessible. Please wear comfortable clothing. We are asking participants to bring yoga mats. A few mats will be available to use in the class. No experience is required, and the class is free.
02/15, 4-5pm: Yaktown Yoga Chair Yoga: This is a therapeutic class. Participants will perform yoga postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair. Students can experience the benefits of yoga without having to be on the floor. Benefits include increased flexibility, strength, balance, range of motion, and stress reduction. The class is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible. This class is also beneficial for people with limited mobility and can benefit those with MS, Parkinson's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases, as well as those recuperating from surgery.
03/21, 4-5pm: Yaktown Yoga Deep Stretch: Relax - Release and Restore; In this Yaktown Yoga deep stretch yoga class, we will focus on breathing during long-supported poses that stretch and lengthen muscles and connective tissue. This class is perfect for all levels and ages looking to release the stress of everyday life. Dress in comfortable clothing. Invite your friends. We are asking participants to bring yoga mats. A few mats will be available to use in the class. No experience is required, and the class is free.
04/22, 4-5pm: Yaktown Yoga Gentle Yoga: Need to relax, stretch, and re-center? Join Yaktown Yoga for a gentle yoga class that includes breath work, yoga postures and relaxation techniques to calm your mind and your body this holiday season. Invite a friend. Everybody is welcome. Dress in comfortable clothing. We are asking participants to bring yoga mats. A few mats will be available to use in the class. No experience is required, and the class is free.

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Me Too Support Group

Me Too Support Group

Thursdays, 09/19 (T. Ramsey & Associates 91 N Saginaw St.), 10/10 (Alley Cat Café Wine Room 31 N Saginaw St.), 11/14 (Recreation Room), 12/12 (Recreation Room), 6-7:30pm: Led by survivor and Library Director Devan Green and supported by the Pontiac Chapter of the Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, this group is for women and girls who have been victims of molestation, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence. This group will be a safe space to support one another and to learn how to cope and how to deal with issues that develop from trauma such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. The group will also have means to communicate between meetings. The meeting location will shift around but will remain in downtown Pontiac.

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Genealogy Club


Saturdays, 09/28, 10/26, 11/23, 12/28, 1-2pm, Michigan Room: Learn how to do your genealogy and meet other people who enjoy discovering their family history. This club will also include instruction on how to use which is available to use for free through the library.

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Vital Mix-Jazz, R&B, and Blues Concert

Vital Mix

Saturday, 12/14, 4-5pm, Auditorium: Come to our library for an afternoon with live music. Vital Mix is a band of seasoned musicians who perform a variety of music genres which includes Jazz, R&B, Blues and gospel. The core members of the band consist of three brothers, Ray, Solomon, and Mark Green, who are all natives of Pontiac, MI. Each member received their early development as musicians in church and school and they have perform in various venues across the country. The brothers have mentored and assisted in the development of many young musicians throughout the country. Some of these young musicians occasionally perform with the band, including their sons, nephews and friends, thus the name "Vital Mix".

Musicians' Bios

Guitarist Ray Green is the co-founder of Vital Mix, he began performing at age six in church and occasionally performed with local Bands. After graduating high school in 1977, he moved to Minneapolis, MN where the music scene was just beginning to explode. The Minneapolis music scene provided him the opportunity to sit in on jams sessions with the late iconic artist Prince before he became famous, and exposed him to other rising artist of Minneapolis. His musical influences are George Benson, Al McKay, and Tony Maiden just to name a few.

Bassist Solomon Green who is also one of the founding members, began his musical journey at age nine playing in church, then in the school orchestra. Some of his musical influences as a bassist are Stanley Clark, Jaco Pastorius, and Bootsy Collins to name a few. Yet he often stresses the importance of originality by stating "No one can beat you at being you".

Guitarist/Pianist Mark Green began his musical career at age five playing in church and the school band. He has played throughout the country in various venues and is also the founder of "America Let's Exercise", a non-profit organization established in Auburn Hills, MI that utilizes music to help promote physical fitness.

Saxophonist/Keyboardist Aaron Green began his musical career in the school band and then the church. He has performed with The Four Tops led by Pontiac native and professional artist Ronnie McNeir, as well as a variety of musicians and artist around the country.

Drummer William Green began his musical career playing in the school band and then the church. He has gained a great deal of professional experience during his young life by performing with a variety of musicians and bands around the country. He is often referred to as "the metronome" because of his ability to lock in on the beat.

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PHOTO/VIDEO USE - The Pontiac Public Library reserves the right, under federal, state and local law, to use photographs and video taken at library events for reproduction on the library's website or in other official library publications and displays, including but not limited to print or online, without consideration or compensation. The Library reserves the right to crop or treat the photographs/video at its discretion. Full names will not be used unless participants express their desire to be identified.

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Meet the Author: Robert Dustman

Robert Dustman

Saturday, 01/11, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come to our library to meet author Robert Dustman presenting his books: "Slaying of the Innocents", "Defining Moments", and "Behind the Mic". You will be able to purchase a signed copy of his books.


Robert Dustman is a former broadcast journalist who enjoyed a successful twenty-five year career as a reporter, anchor, news director, sports director and political editor at radio and television stations throughout the State of Michigan. After he left broadcasting in 1992, Mr. Dustman was appointed Director of Media & Communications in the administration of Oakland County (Michigan) Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

Slaying of the Innocents
Defining Moments
Behind the Mic

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Cooking Matters For Adults


Wednesdays, 01/15-02/19, 5:30-7:30pm, Auditorium: Free cooking and nutrition classes featuring Healthy cooking on a budget, smart shopping ideas, culinary secrets, free cookbook, and free groceries.


Commitment to all classes is mandatory! To register, go to the library calendar, (, program page, (, or call the adult reference desk at 248-758-3943!

Pontiac Public Library
Cooking Matters

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Bullish Institute Stock Market Workshop Series

Ken “Blanks” Harrell

Saturdays, 01/18, 02/15, 03/21, 04/18, 11am-101/18, pm, Auditorium: Come to our library to attend the Bullish Institute Stock Market Workshop Series, taught by Ken “Blanks” Harrell Each class will run approximately 2 hours. Classes may be taken independently or in sequence. Students may ask as many questions as they like. The Bullish Institute will provide enough materials for 25 people per class. Refreshments will be provided by the library.

01/18, Stock Market 101: The Basics: Explore multiple ways to make money in the stock market! Discover how to analyze a stock quote! Find out when is a good time to buy and sell stocks! Learn the risks and rewards involved with stocks!
02/15, Stock Market 201: Fundamental Analysis: Learn how to analyze a company's Fundamentals! Discover where to find a ton of FREE information! Get familiar with identifying solid stocks to buy!
03/21, Stock Market 301: Technical Analysis: Learn how to analyze a stock chart! Discover where to find a ton of FREE information! Identify key technical indicators of price action! Find out when stocks are about to make a move!
04/18, Stock Market 401: Your First Portfolio: Learn how to setup your brokerage account! Discover best practices for buying and selling stocks! Setup your first self-managed investment portfolio! Develop a conservative, yet aggressive strategy!

Bullish Logo

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"A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone" with Bo Kyung Kim

Saturday, 01/25, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come see the poet and dancer Bo Kyung Kim presenting her poetry book, "A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone", reading excerpts, and performing her peace dance. You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book.

Bo Kyung Kim

Bio: Bo Kyung Kim is a poet, dancer, and former music teacher. Her original name is Soon Sil Kim. She was born in Jeju, South Korea, graduated from the Jeju National University’s music department, and taught music at a junior high school. She taught a Korean traditional women’s group dance, called Gahng Gahng Suwollae, to people trying to prevent divorce, multi-racial harmony, and unification, in Michigan, Ohio, and California. She performed many solo dances dedicated to war victims, such as for The U.S. Civil War victims. She composed many peace songs. She graduated from the West Los Angeles College, and Cal State Los Angeles majoring Political Science, published five poetry books, including one English poetry book titled, “A Multicultural Song That I Sing Alone”, an essay book, and the “Gahng Gahng Suwollae” dance. She created 6 short stage art works, her own genre “Poetrysongdance.” She is currently a member of IWOSC, and the Korean American poet association.

A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone

Book description: a Multiculturalist country. When the country was settling in early history, it built its own culture, from a mix of European cultures such as England, France, Netherland, Spain, Germany, and absorbed Native American and African culture. Later, Asian immigrants were added, the American culture became more colorful, and diversity was formed. Democracy was developed after the Second World War and the U.S. became a prosperous country. Multiculturalism bloomed in the country. However, in order to keep our freedom and human rights, we needed to possess guns. This book describes the brilliant beauty and also the dark side of the background of multiculturalism. It is a song that is brewing new cultures and the adjusting main culture sang by an immigrant from South Korea. U.S. multiculturalism is a melting pot in which all kinds of cultures gathered to make a new culture like a salad is using many materials. Also there are some love songs, the yearning of and patriotic songs about the author’s motherland, South Korea. The author’s loving environmental songs also express her upset about destroying mountains and rivers. This coincides with the author’s own thought, that “one body thought”, that human and natural environment such as mountains and rivers are one. Such environment is part of a human body. This means that the author loves the natural environment like her body. And author insist one body thought could solve the problem. Peace songs are also included. The author is a pure peace dancer, especially doing peace dance dedicated for the war victims such as the U.S. Independence War, the Civil War, and the Korean War Also while the author is writing peace poems and performs dance and music, creates the spirit of America or the world spirit though her works. For example, as we see in her poetry, she compares herself to her poem “white migratory bird.” She is a pure peace artist, differing from other poets who express individual stories. Also, poems about gun violence are included and the author suggests a solution that is her opinion, through these poems. Consequently, “A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone ” is not only about multiculturalism in the U.S., but is also adding the author’s individual, natural environment, and peace songs, about pursuing peace and security for the society, the nation, and the environment. Everybody, young and old, should read this book and consider our society’s problems.

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Airey B and Trio-Jazz Concert

Airey B and Trio

Saturday, 02/08, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come to our library for an afternoon with live Jazz music.

Musicians' Bios

Airey B is bold, impressive, and admirable, a bodacious singer/songwriter, guitar player and piano player. Her voice is captivating, expressive, and emotional. She invokes the spirit of the first ladies of the blues like Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and Lizzie Miles. A breath of fresh air, she helps to revive the true spirit of the blues for other generations to come.
James O'Donnell (trumpet) is a native Detroiter. He lived in Mexico City playing at a jazz club for several years & has traveled the world as a bandleader on cruise ships. James studied with Carlos Rivera of the DSO as well as trumpet masters Russell Green (Jimmy Lunceford band), Marcus Belgrave & Herbie Williams, and also Uan Racey (MGM Studios). His playing style encompasses the use of the various techniques using the plunger/growl and other muted effects that were handed down to him to carry on a tradition of this music. He has performed with Jerry Gonzales, Sir Mack Rice, Pinetop Perkins, Lou Reed, Hubert Sumlin, and the Regal Brass Band of New Orleans. Currently he plays with RJ’s Kansas City Six, King Sweat, Motor City Street band and the Coachmen Orchestra. James leads his own groups the Nickyboy Street band and The Motown Mariachi Band. Co-leading the Planet D Nonet with RJ Spangler has been a long term dream project come true. James teaches privately at Anderson Music in Troy. James is on every PD9 recording since the very beginning.
Jeff Cuny (string bass) recently completed work on his Graduate degree in jazz studies at WSU and is a fine young string bassist. He is also the chief arranger for the Planet D Nonet and appears around the city with Tbone Paxton and also the Rhythm Society Orchestra.
Jake Matthews, Metro-Detroit drummer, percussionist, and educator, has been professionally performing since the age of sixteen years old. Receiving the degree of Bachelor of Music, concentrating in jazz drum set, from Wayne State University’s College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts, Jake has studied as well as worked with some of Detroit’s finest musicians, including Russ Miller, Edward Gooch, and David Taylor, among others. Over the past few years, Jake has been frequently performing throughout the greater metro-Detroit area, playing in all genres as well as various venues such as Cliff Bell’s, Meadowbrook Theatre, The Dirty Dog Jazz Café, The Cube at Orchestra Hall, and Royal Oak’s Arts, Beats, and Eats, just to name a few. Additionally, Jake is also a freelance recording session drummer and has played on multiple local artists’ albums.

Airey B and Trio

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Renovate Your Resume

United Shore

Mondays, 02/10 and 04/06, 5-7pm, Computer Lab: Take your career to the next level with the recruiting team from United Shore! Revamp your resume with the assistance of the United Shore Talent team. This is an opportunity to meet with recruiting professionals and receive help with developing or improving a resume you currently have.

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Oakland County in 1877

Saturday, 02/22, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: The first history of Oakland County was produced in 1877 by L.H. Everts Publishing of Philadelphia. The immediate catalyst for writing this book seems to have been the 1876 centennial celebration of American independence. This 1877 History of Oakland County is well-known to local historians and original versions are available in a number of libraries in the County. They are, however, fragile and access is limited in order to prevent further damage.

As a part of the 2020 Oakland County Bicentennial commemoration, the Oakland County Historical Commission is donating reprints of the Everts book in sturdy library-quality binding to libraries and in the county. Such a version will not require special care and can, therefore, be made more accessible to patrons.

In addition to the formal presentation of the book, Jim Craft of the Oakland County Historical Commission will deliver a talk on its background, content and value as historical literature. In addition, he will address a problem inherent with local histories: such books provide detailed information about local people, conditions and events but often fail to place them in the proper context. Mr. Craft will bring greater understanding to the Everts book and life in 19th Century Oakland County by making connections to the broader sweep of American history that could easily be overlooked by most readers.

History of Oakland County, Michigan
Erastus Brown Farm

The Farm of Erasmus Brown

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Meet the Author: KeanaMonique

Saturday, 03/07, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come to our library to meet author presenting her books: "Pieces of me Volumes 1 and 2", and "Thot Chronicles: The Tale of Isis Carrington". You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her books.


Bio: Keana Monique is a Pontiac Michigan native that is usually found performing manicuring services for clients at her home-based salon called N'Chanted Nails. She enjoys spending time with her family. Becoming a published author had never been on her bucket list, but the moment she became one, the possibilities became endless. She has written and published two books titled Pieces of Me: Volumes 1 and 2. She also has currently released her first novelette titled, Thot Chronicles: The Tale of Isis Carrington. To contact her, you can send an email to or go to:,

Book Description: Thot Chronicles: The Tale of Isis Carrington: The Tale of Isis Carrington is an urban fiction story about a woman named Isis Carrington who is a mother of two boys and one of the top realtors at Keys real estate agency. She is a no nonsense type of woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. But Isis is hiding a hurt from the past that has never been properly dealt with. During her life, she encounters a cluster of diverse people who technically don’t know one another; yet they all have one person in common, and that is Isis. They will later find out that all of them are connected one way or the other. The minute she thinks she has her life together and everything is how she wants it, the past comes to revisit her, forcing her to go back and uncover the old wound that she tried so hard to forget about.

Book Description: Pieces of me Volumes 1 and 2: KeanaMonique details exactly how she reassembled her life with mental, emotional, and physical sacrifice that led to wounds being uncovered so that they could properly and productively heal, enabling her to positively progress on her peaceful journey as she expresses herself though poetic thoughts.


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RJ Spangler Quartet-Jazz Concert

RJ Spangler Quartet

Saturday, 07/25, 3:30-4:30pm, Auditorium: Come to our library for an afternoon with live jazz music. The RJ Spangler Quartet is featuring Detroit jazz sax great Larry Smith.

Musicians' Bios

RJ speaks about the history of Detroit's jazz & blues roots and performs musical examples with an all-star band.

About Larry: Born near Pittsburgh in 1947, he got his start playing jazz, showing the ropes to his friend, jazz guitar great George Benson. Smith moved to New York where he played with big names such as Shirley Scott and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Larry had a special relationship with one the all-time great sax players - Sonny Stitt. Sonny knew and encouraged Larry going back to his teenage years. This lead to Larry touring with Sonny as a regular member of his group. Quite an honor for a man that plays the same instrument as the leader! As Charles Latimer said in the Metro Time: "His specialty is ballads. He shuts his eyes, hunches his shoulders, and holds his saxophone like a prom date. The ballads are so touching they'd make the devil cry." Larry appears as a special guest on James Carter's 1996 ‘Conversin' with the Elders’ and Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge. He has also toured with the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin.

Drummer RJ Spangler has appeared on over 60 recordings and has toured the US, Canada, and Europe quite a few times. He lectures on Detroit jazz & blues history and beyond his trio, he leads the Planet D Nonet swing band as well as a blues band.

Guitarist Oliver Nevels is another veteran player whom has recorded & toured nationally with organist Charles Earland. He has also toured with organist Richard "Groove" Holmes and "Brother" Jack McDuff.

Bassist Greg Cook is a Detroit main stay, having proven himself playing with the top of Detroit's jazz scene: Geri Allen, Roy Brooks, Marcus Belgrave, and many others. He toured Europe with soul great Bettye LeVette and held down the bass chair in Rat Pack show for countless performances in addition to performances with international stars like Mose Allison and Johnny Hartman.

RJ Spangler Quartet

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